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Welcome to the Paperback Club blog!

Hi, readers! 

In 2018, I read 53 books—squeezing in the 53rd, music critic Jessica Hopper’s alt-memoir Night Moves, just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. Last year I was also repeatedly questioned if I had ever thought about starting a blog devoted to books or perhaps joining the Bookstagram community. 

The truth is, I had thought about it. I was skeptical of both because I’ve been a strong proponent of strictly reading for pleasure and relaxation, and maintaining some sort of digital record of my reading lists sounded too weighty. But alas, I have caved. 

This website will hopefully serve as a record, not only for myself, but for those who slide into my DMs asking for book recommendations or reviews. The title, Paperback Club, comes from an on-again, off-again Instagram book club community that a few friends and I have built over the past few years. If you’re in search of a new book to read, you can take a look at the hashtag. I started the Instagram book club with the mission of only reading paperback books, as they are usually more accessibly priced and easy to find—but I won’t be solely posting about paperback books here. As for this space, I have dreams of weekly book reviews and, eventually, even a monthly newsletter, perhaps? We’ll see. 

Until then,


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